Monday, October 22, 2007

Celebrate thanksgiving with Fr. Stephen Chow

Fr. Stephen Chow, Supervisor of the two Wah Yan, will be visiting the Bay Area before Thanksgiving. We will take the opportunity to pre-celebrate Thanksgiving with Fr. Chow and the Chapter on Sunday, 11/18. Fr. Chow will share with us recent news of Wah Yan, including the successful walkathon for the Wah Yan One Family Foundation.

Catering to the interests of different age groups two events will take place in parallel in the afternoon:

1. Soccer game at Homestead Highschool in Cupertino at 3:30pm
2. Karaoke at Stan Chow's house in Los Altos at 3pm (karaoke system provided by Edwin Law)

Dinner will be served at Stan's house at 6:30pm. The dinner cost is $15 for anyone above 12 (free for 12 & below) if you reply before 11/12. Otherwise, the cost is $20.Please RSVP to Gordon( and Stan(, and let us know which event you will be participating. Look forward to meeting many of you next month.