Monday, June 18, 2007

Summer Picnic on June 30th, and visit from Fr. Stephen Chow

There are two events coming up soon. Please read on.


The annual Wah Yan alumni picnic will be held at Sea Cloud Park in Foster City, with a fee of $10 per anyone 12 or above, starting at 11am on Saturday June 30th. Joining us at the picnic will be Mr. Raymond Yu, as well as the student ambassadors from both schools.

This is the same location we have been going year after year. It's on Sea Cloud Dr. Here is the direction.1.

From Hwy 101 take the Hillsdale Blvd exit toward Foster City (about 1.1 mile)
2. From Hillsdale Blvd, turn right at Edgewater Blvd (about 1.3 mile)
3. Turn left at Pitcairn Dr (about 0.5 mile)
4. Turn right at Sea Cloud Dr (you are there)

If you email support it, click here to google map.

Fr. Stephen Chow visit

A second event is that Fr. Stephen Chow, S.J., Supervisor of Wah Yan College HK, will be visiting the Bay Area early July. A gathering with the alumni will be held at Stan Chow's house in Los Altos on Wed, July 4th. A Mass will start at 10am, followed by lunch at 11am. Come join us if you are interested to talk to Fr. Chow about recent development in the two Wah Yan. Please RSVP to Stan at, if you plan to come.