Friday, April 4, 2008

Interesting Facts

Do you know the answers to the following Frequently Asked Questions?
Q 01. Who are the sponsoring bodies of WYHK, WYK and PUWY?
Q 02. What is SMC and who are the members?
Q 03. How are students admitted to Wah Yans?
Q 04. Why are the two Wah Yans producing fewer 9-A students in recent years?
Q 05. How are the two schools performing at public exams in recent years?
Q 06. Are the Schools in danger of becoming CMI (Chinese as the Medium of Instruction)?
Q 07. What are our students' achievements in music in recent years?
Q 08. What are our students' achievements in sports in recent years?
.....and more....

Go to the WYHK PSA website at and click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" icon at the top right corner for the official answers compiled by the Supervisor of the two Wah Yans.