Giving Back

Helping Our Fellow Wahyanites, Giving Back to Our Schools

It may be just a year ago that you left Wah Yan, or may be it has been half a lifetime since you studied there. Your memory stretches back to the first day you stepped thru the school entrance. At Wah Yan your experience, knowledge, strength and fellowship form the fibers of your life. Proud, gentle, truthful, you are a Wahyanite.

From the first day of school you are blessed as a member of the Wah Yan family. As the alumni association in San Francisco Bay Area, we are an integrated albeit distanced part of that family. Most of our member left our hometown to pursue education in America, and many stay. Yet we do look back to our alma mater, and we look ahead to help our schools and our fellows. This is spirit that first gave rise to our local alumni chapter, and later to create our unique scholarship program.

There are many ways to contribute to our schools and fellow Wahyanites. You should join our local chapter and participate in our activities. You can assist students currently enrolled in local colleges and universities. We can always use extra helping hands in planning and conducting chapter activities such as picnic and maintaining this web site. From time to time our schools may need our help in the growth of the institution.

If you want to contribute in any way, contact members of the executive committee. Also check on this web page for any news regarding how you can give back.