Henry Cheung (2001)

Ambrose Leung (2005)

Bosco Lam (2007)

Romeo Wong (2008)

Henry Cheung (WYK 00′, UC Berkeley 05′)

Executive Officer, Hong Kong Hospital Authority

It was ten years ago when I went to the States alone for my undergraduate study. Like many other recipients, I came neither from an affluent family nor the valedictorian species, which meant I was spent every penny with quite some caution. Every time when I saw the $4,000 transferred to my bank account, I felt really grateful as I knew that a large part of my living expenses for the following few months were covered, so I could concentrate on my study.

But it was not just the money. At that time, my brain, like many foreign students, was too stuffed with worries about expenses, and perhaps even more worries on grades, career, relationships… The many years after my graduation distilled out all these distractions, and I could see more clearly the true meaning of the scholarship.

The scholarship reminded me that I was not alone;

the scholarship created a wonderful alumni community that I could always seek support;

the scholarship demonstrated to me that Wah Yan is a loving family no matter where we are;

the scholarship taught me that I have a duty to pass on this love to other people in need, just as Father Deignan passes on his love to the great many who are in need.

I consider receiving this scholarship a great pride in my life. I sincerely wish that the the Father Deignan Scholarship will continue to help and inspire, and bring pride to many more young and bright Wahyanites in the future.

Ambrose Leung (WYK 02′, UC Berkeley 07′)

Father Deignan scholarship, even after five years, still means a lot to me. Working part time during my entire college life, with the help of the Father Deignan scholarship, I would complete my education in Berkeley while did not become a burden to my family.

The establishment of the scholarship vividly demonstrates the Wah Yan spirit- to help the needed unconditionally and to pass on the sense of brotherhood to the next generation. In 2004, together with alumni who were studying in the US, we launched the first US educational talk that focuses in the community college transfers to four years university system, in both Wah Yan and it becomes a tradition that new generation have taken up the role.

As a fresh graduate, knowing I don’t have the capacity to contribute to my alma mater financially, I take an active role in alumni activities. By answering questions from wahyanites who are intended to further their education in US, hosting student ambassadors from both Wah Yan, and becoming the youngest Vice President of any Wah Yan alumni chapter, I would like to take part , like all of the senior alumni, to pass on the fruitful Wah Yan spirit and the sense of strong brotherhood tradition to the next generation.

Bosco Lam (WYK 06′, UC Berkeley 11′)

Sales Analyst, Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking

Six years of Wah Yan education is too short to show results of teachers’ hard-work. (What am I talking about?) I didn’t realize too when I dated back to my fruitful high-school moment. I did not have outstanding achievement in HKCEE, nor sports and music, yet Fr. Deignan Scholarship Award has sent me to explore the other end of the world. Recalling the first day I arrived SFO, representatives from WYPSA Bay Area Chapter welcomed me warmly and showed me around with new places and cultures. Later, I was stunned by the strong overseas network of past students at a welcoming dinner, where I met WY graduates at 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s… During my Junior year at Berkeley, a WY past student even invited me to join his listed company as a year-long intern. From time to time, WY big brothers have shared with me their academic and career experience. They all have a second job: Life Advisor, why not? These are results of WY teachers’ hard-work, and this is what I define as “Men for Others”. What is taken from WY education is given back to who is in need of. Fr. Deignan Scholarship Award kicked off my post-high-school era .It does not simply mean for monetary support, the spirit behind is to continue the nurturing under Wah Yan education, horizon our network in new generations, and place positive influences on neighbors – Men for Others.

Romeo Wong (WYK 06′, UC Berkeley 11′)

Account Assistant, Noble Group Limited, Hong Kong

Fr. Deignan Scholarship has been an important and meaningful financial support through out my 4 years college life in the United States states. I did not get the scholarship at the first time of application when I was in form 6. At that time, my academic performance was just fair as I got an HKCEE results which was on the border line for getting back to Wah Yan. After I went to the United States, the scholarship became my goal during my freshman year as I wanted to prove that I can make some changes in my life. My efforts had been shown on the transcript of my 1st quarter in De Anza College. I eventually succeeded in receiving the Father Deignan scholarship on my 2nd attempt of the application. The Scholarship indeed motivated me to work hard and this enabled me to pursue a higher education later on in University of California, Berkeley.

From an about average student to one who eventually pursued a higher education in university, I believe that all of us can make changes as long as we have faith and determination in our lives.

The scholarship allowed me to meet a lot of alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area. I widened my perspectives as I had chances to talk with successful people working in different sectors. I also had opportunities to get to know with many Wahyanites who just started their college lives in the United States. As a recipient of the Father Deignan Scholarship, I shared my experience of studying in the United States and suggested them on academic issues like choosing classes as well as selecting universities for their majors. The scholarship enlightened me with not only the financial support but truly all the support from the alumni and peers of the SF Past Student Association.

With heartfelt gratitude, I wish the fire of Father Deignan Scholarship could pass on and more Wahyanites can make changes in their lives!